GIAF 2019 gallery

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    Korea Fine Arts Association Gyeongnam Branch
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    1503Art Galary
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    IPA Gallery
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    gallery greeda
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    The gallery Bluestone is located in Garosu-gil Road of Sinsa-dong, and They have self-conceit that the facility of the best. The gallery Bluestone has a goal to be always…
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    Gallery Bluestone
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    The Gallery Sisun which is located in Buyong-dong, Seo-gu, has held more than 20 exhibitions since its opening in 2015. Considering the concentrated bias in one area of B…
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    Gallery SISUN
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    Gallery Arisoo
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    Gallery White Birch was established in Seoul in 2006 by art collector Helen Yoo. It is located in Sagandong, Jongno, near the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary A…
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    Gallery White Birch
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    Goeun Gallery is a permanent exhibition of Korean Artist's Famous works and actively engaged in buying selling works.
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    Gallery GOEUN
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    Gallery KwangHee
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    Since June 2010, Gallery Doo has introduced various artists and artworks to the public through constant solo/group exhibitions and annual Art Fairs. Our hope is to be an …
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    An art gallery, DM was founded to promoto young talented artists. Though a project featuring an art exhibition called 'In Life Gallery', we will promoto 40 artists and sh…
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    Gallery DM
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    Gallery Mare pursues to serve as a dynamic space portraying modern art from various and in-depth perspectives. In this regard, Gallery Mare is actively engaged in activit…
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    Gallery Mare
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    GALLERY MIGO has been established in 2008 with 40 years of history in specializing Antique art. Since 2010, we have begun a new operation of Contemporary Migo along wit…
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    Gallery Miroonamu opened in 1999 and is a of Galleries Association of Korea. Gallery Miroonamu pursues to become a cultural space where artists. galleries&people coe…
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    Gallery Miroonamu
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    Gallery VIOLET(director: Lee, Yoon-chan) opened its door in Insa-dong, Seoul, in March, 2010 with an aim of introducing the Korean contemporary art and finding and suppor…
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    Gallery VIOLET
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    The gallery Bori was founded in Insa-dong, September, 2013. it has now become from artist to Gallerist. Art GB Agency which is developed from gallery to art agency make…
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    Gallery Boris
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    Since the opening in February 2000, Gallery "Soop" has continued to meet and seek artists with genuine craftsmanship who understands and pursues the beauty of aesthetics.…
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    Gallery Soop
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    Gallery Sicoh opened at the same time the Sicoh Building completed in 1987. There has been 31 years since the open. We has organized and hold contemporary art exhibition …
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    Gallery Sicoh
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    Gallery Ara is located in Sentum, Haeundae, Busan, and has opened a branch in Busan's pilot since 2015. And from 2017. we are participating in the annual domestic and ove…
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    Gallery Ara