GIAF 2019 gallery

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    SungWon Art gallery young artists and groups Innovation, Innova M Club writers hurts key through the steady work activity as writer is well established that creativity an…
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    Sungwon Art Gallery
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    Cecil Art Hall was built in Apgujeong-dong on the subject of the meeting of science and art. Since 2002, We have been hold the art exhibitions with the music by selecting…
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    It opened in 2000. held an exhibition of 3~4 times a year. We've been participating in National Art Fair, kiaf and having a number of participation in the gallery art fes…
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    Founded in 2102 with support of Changwon city, Space1326 has been preaenting emerging talented artists both in the regional and international art markets. The gallery co…
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    Space1326 Gallery
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    We are specialized in the works of the great masters of the Paris school with an emphasis on works on paper, original prints and engravings. For some tears now, we have d…
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    Art Works Paris Seoul Gallery
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    Artinmannna is a complex cultural space consisting of creative space and gallery, Artinmannna gallery is a a new art gallery located in the 14th street in biumro, Saffa-d…
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    Art in Manna
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    N Gallery
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    The Teon Art of Gallery is a worj of art with continuous research and work. It focuses on informing not only domestic artists but foreign artists who are aiming for conte…
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    Yeon Art & Gallery
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    Yewon Gallery
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    Yellow Gallery
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    After spending many years in France, where she was in charge of a Gallery in Paris, building a strong relationship between European and Korean artists by contributing in …
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    Ocean Gallery
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    us Gallery
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    "Umica" is a disability welfare service office that manages four categories: cafe, farm, patissier and gallery. We are planning mainly around contemporary art exhibition,…
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    Umica Gallery
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    LeeEun gallery is the connecting place of art&culture between the citizen who try to have an opportunity to enjoy the art and the artist who try to express their sen…
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    LeeEun Gallery
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    Zoom Gallery has aimed at growing with artists and the public. Each month, Zoom Gallery tries to discover emerging artists and provides mid-aged artists with visions thr…
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    zoom art company
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    Jinju Art Gallery