GIAF 2019 gallery

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    'Changnyeong Hotel Art Residency' is an artist residency program located in Gyeongsangnamdo Changnyeong-gun Bugokmyeon, which is known for spa. it is made by Bugok Spa an…
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    Changnyeong Hotel Art Residency
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    Based on more than 10 years of gallery experience, it opened in 2017. We develop art products for exhibition and performance planning and participate in art Fair. we plan…
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    Top Art Company
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    Artworks which everyone can easily enjoy close at hand print bakery is a brand seeking for art popularization by nourishing culture in which more people can enjoy and ha…
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    Peace Gallery
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    The gallery of Heo Eunju opened in Masan, May in 2013. Over the past five years, the gallery have exhibited various artists works. If was opened to expand the opportunity…
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    Heo Eun Ju Gallery