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Travel Info

Chang-dong Art village

The Changdong Art Village, a place where everything appears to artistic masterpieces, consists of workshops for artists as well as exhibition halls and a storytelling alley. This is where you can delve into the modern history, culture and arts of Changwon, and be reminded of the memories from the past on the 250-year History Trail and the old Civic Theater area. In addition to the Masan Art Traces Alley, Ecole de Chang-dong serves as a thematic art street for artists and artwork vendors. The Moonshin Art Alley, on the other hand, sheds light on the artistic value of Moon Shin’s artworks as well as his unique world of art, and provides opportunities for visitors to create artworks themselves.

Masan jeodoyeonneukgyo bridge / The Bridge On The River Kwai

Jeodoyeonneukgyo Bridge (Jeodo Island Land Connecting Bridge) is a popular spot to watch the beautiful sunrise and sunset. Optical cable lighting fixtures designed in the shape of the black-tailed gull create diverse scenery at nighttime depending on the time and season. Built in 1987, the bridge connecting Gubok-ri and Jeodo Island is 182m in length and 15.5m in height. Rocks found on both ends of the bridge extend outward toward the sea, and one can cross the bridge while enjoying the beautiful backdrop of the deep blue sea. It is also called “The Bridge on the River Kwai” because it reminds people of the 1957 Hollywood movie of the same name.

  • Gubok-ri, Gusan-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon-si, Gyungsangnam-do
  • Summer (Mar-Oct) 10:00 ~ 22 : 00 / Winter (Nov-Feb) 10:00 ~ 21 : 00
  • Free

Marine Drama Set

The filming set contains 25 wooden buildings displaying exquisite architectural styles as well as 3 ships and various props used during filming. It also offers a magnificent view of the beautiful coastline and splendid natural scenery. The marine drama set was initially used as one of the filming locations of the MBC drama, “Kim Su-ro, the Iron King,” after which it became the filming location for the SBS drama, “Warrior Baek Dong-soo,” KBS drama, “The Princess’ Man,” MBC drama, “Empress Q,” tvN drama, “The Three Musketeers,” and movie “The Huntresses.” It’s a place where you can check out the traditional customs and culture as well as an iron production site, dock and weapons from the Gaya period.

  • 055-248-3711
  • Summer 08:00~18:00 / Winter 09:00 ~ 17:00
  • San 183-2, Seokgok-ri, Gusan-myeon, Masanhappo-gu, Changwon –si, Gyungsangnam-do
  • Free

Junam Reservoir

The 898ha Junam Reservoir (Wetlands), called a “paradise for migratory birds,” receives about 109 different species of migratory birds every year. While it is a sanctuary for tens of thousands of migratory birds flocking to the area every year, it is also a habitat for a wide range of aquatic plants and insects, and it’s the one and only place where you can observe migratory birds flying freely. In 1980, 50,000 spectacled teals began spending the winters here, and 16 migratory birds that have been designated as natural monuments and 10 endangered species designated by the Ministry of Environment can be seen here. As such, one could say that this is a natural, open-air museum.

House of Changwon

This is a hanok (traditional Korean house) built in the Joseon Dynasty, where An Du-cheol, a fifth generation descendant of the Sunheung An family clan, resided 200 years ago. It is an education center where visitors can learn about the traditional culture of Korea.

  • 59, Sarim-ro 16beon-gil, Uichang-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongnam-do
  • 055-248-2600
  • Free

House of Changwon

The Jinhae Marine Park is an experiential learning center where people can delve into Eastern and Western history and culture, and better understand the importance of having marine power.
The world naval battle history can be explored at the Naval Battle History Experience Hall, while the Warship Exhibition Hall gives a glimpse into what it is like to live as a naval officer. The exhibition and experience halls at the Marine Organism Theme Park presents information on the origins and evolutionary processes of marine organisms and specimens of diverse fish, shellfish and more for a closer look at the marine ecosystem. The fantastic landscape lighting and fountain as well as the 250m-long Eumjigyo Bridge present a spectacular sight for the visitors as well.

  • Myeongdong-ro 62, Jinhae-gu, Changwon-si, Gyeongsangnam-do
  • 055-712-0425
  • Everyday 09:00 ~ 20:00
  • Free