GIAF 2019 gallery

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    Gallery AE has started its very first step in 2013in which the CEO and all representatives are actually hyperactive in presence. All of the works to the fair exh. are com…
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    Gallery AE
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    The gallery opened in 2003. We put discrimination by mainly exhibiting works of veteran artists from outside of Busan and promising young artists of Busan. Under the slog…
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    Gallery Yehga
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    Gallery yekang
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    Gallery JHAK (the Chinese character for “create”) is an art space located in YangJae-dong, SeoCho-Gu, Seoul, established since April 2007 by Kwon, Jung-Hwa who has worked…
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    Gallery Jhak
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    2012. Overview Haeundae-gu, Busan Korea Exhibition 44 times Invitational Exhibition of Korea artists and Exhibitions of innovative. Pursue a bright and positive work of t…
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    Gallery Joy
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    Gallery Chungdam
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    Gallery TY is located in the downtown of Tongyeong that is called as the city of warm host. This is the cultural space which can share experimental and modern creativity …
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    Gallery TY
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    Gyeongnam Watercolor Association
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    The Style Gallery
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    The Lan gallery is located in Jangyou vallery whose scenery is very beautiful and its space is 330㎡or so. Tt's certain that the Lan gallery is a prepared cultural venue f…
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    Ran Gallery
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    Masan Art Center
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    'Mori' gallery, meaning 'forest' in Japanese, has opened in 2008 as a gallery for daily exhibition, now located in Sinsa Street 137-1, Seongsan District, Changwon. Mori g…
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    Mori gallery
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    BANANA LONG Galler started with installation art at Haeundae Dalmaji entrance in 2008. And they have been continuing to keep up a positive communication with audience to …
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    The Seokyung Gallery opened in 2016 aims to expand the field of communication and exchange with the public by introducting major artist works of modern and contemporary…
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    Seokyung Gallery